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New Cuisine


New Cuisine 03:42
it didnt look like pie to them they came in from the east but as the punch was free it was a go to join the feast the bitches dressed all different wore hoods to stand the heat they were moving in a trance in sync and slightly off the beat the east dont wanna split they keep their table for the night a set of rules to feel inside never go far, dont leave the hive but punch be sliding fast so stuff would start to look like pie and they would blend in with the tribe and find companions for the night this the new cuisine this the new cuisine this will make u lean this the new cuisine the salt stones were presented they were rolled out after dark a climax countdown made the mark the packs of dogs would start to bark the east were first to lick as they were guests coming from far and had been greedy at the bar now midnight called them to the spar the stones were lined up 5 in all and human sized so tall pointing to sky for not to fall fat crystals calling to the ball the east stepped forth with gloomy eyes to late to make escape they walked up to the stones of salt stretched out their tongues and licked their faith this the new cuisine this the new cuisine this will make u lean this the new cuisine
Smar 03:03
BASIC SAUCE FOR LIFE! NO LOL OMAR u been pruning your life away on this one skinny bitches in ur foreign car u look like a smar i just dropped my jaw u collected art i lifted this shirt thought it make u squirt did not really work u dont wanna fuck sidewalk by the bar if i had a heart pull me by my fez u can make it far hard to let u be is this u and me can u take the stream maybe i must pee a and s m r finger in the jar lover got guitar plectrum in your scar so u leave my town never come around might write u a mail sad i let u down drinking out loud at it speaking up street at it u like me to stay put at it but no, i need a new hit something not far from this stretching out for ur clit opening with gin fizz ending like this kiss kiss see u every month when u pay up front if i light your joint u will suck my blunt feast in ur garage yeast on your fromage piss on your sitar dick in your cigar puke in your veyron sperm on your lancome fist in your salon hair on your bonbon hard for u to rise someone gave u lice something smells like bice in between your thighs fingers up your nose u are one of those sliming over hoes prada at your show winestains on your mac semen in your crack dandruff on your back someone stole your jack FUNGHI BABY, FUNGHI BABY UP THE NOSTRIL, SOULGAZING
threats at my desk must be lee my cousin i got the staxx and she got the sweats breath baby breath chew ur lunchtime muffin i am a fly at ur sweaty chest i hate ur neck u despise my office we made a deal we would stay the same when we were high and we pictured business blame it on the game lee ima blame it on ur name so u need glasses to pack ur stash ima sit put until u are long gone fuck ur blood once and u screw ur cash no looks related lee dark im so blond up in this blood beef i still count cash got a photo on my desk pretty face my cousin long gone so lost but i cant give it to the trash u and me lee and ur lunchtime muffin we had glass up our gums we were kissing it was late i was hurt i was drunk unsightly bulge is the bulge of promise the pocketed lip holding bags of joy u stick it to me like a packet of pommes the pouch kicking in as its feeling the void your crush has a face now the face is polite no sleep be in sight u been up the whole while if this doesnt share just what u had in sight how to hunt down old lee now whos back in style its growing inside u the need to swallow the stash in the cooler wont last a month the fat piece it carries will make u follow u got ur provider u quit the hunt the Real ease in this piece will make u shine if U like it now u will love the next time i wont let it go by U run this line dip a pickle in the jameson, sip a drink of time the wok at your show had a perfect chew our unsightly bulge keeps our minds connected i dip every piece as im looking at you in the end of the mingle the night is erect
Pillo 04:39
skinny bones fat neck we had too much macaroni u said u were under stress so i offered u a pony pill baby make me go make me leave the house baby still i be up for show i be downing u in gravvy off limit box doctor go back to ur mothercountry angst fairy ill story print out my prescription for me rest nature let it fall chemics at my aim and see i be talking i be yours slow up in your brain save me safe house in it here up some floors for this cookie drink tray always near evening set how u shook it slow kiss the pill beauty u got eyelids like a pig ima make ur morning smoothie mix it in and pillow dig big cats in ur bed rolling at the nip chasing mice soft in ur head moving at the pillowcase lie here next to our beat this is our parade when we lie and let it kiss your feet sleep and let it shine on me PILL SO WHITE PILL JUST LIKE SHEETS RESTING IN YOUR PALM PILL SWEET SLUMBER UNFOLD YOUR FIST LET IT PASS U THIS TREAT WE GOT TIME THIS NIGHT U BE FALLING UNDER fright face comfort heart tell it how it is only paranoid after arts wont get u the kiss so ur lids open and u see what i said is real baby big cats, u and me speak only when u are ready young hands sleep it off everything u touch too early rest life all is said this will save your nerve if u stay here one more day u might see the final flimmer trust this is ok this way we can stop the spinning so close our vision always in the bright of sheets your feet in my kitchen stepping at your final beat comfort u said number one take me to the sea we be running circles under sun im at ur degree when we sleep over let it show days can be your nights we go deep into piles of snow buried is your fright these all yours if u believe dont weaken at ur knees ever stay class and act fast it shows u are for real
it put u to your knees when u were teen a vodka tonic downed under the sun then swigs of other drinks till u would lean on what u learned to know as adult fun Europe we were growing we grew tall separate but we stopped at the same length we both dated girls considered small skinny dipping in a summer knowing no shame the bunker hosts the hours when the drink is done a pen u slip to watch it roll away the adolescence aftermath the end of fun wish i could hold your brain for just one day HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR EURO ORPHAN BRAIN TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR EURO ORPHAN BRAIN form these insane emotions into something try to do the program step ahead a will to sync with u for just to be there meet me at the track where u first bled i taught u how to separate ur legs and how to trust the soft turning hard how to breathe with me count down from ten we said that after this we d never part eyeball some were way ahead where are they now didnt u see my offer didnt u read should we go back and step it thru together memories saved differently in different speed HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR EURO ORPHAN BRAIN As it holds term so brotherly I go for some amphetamine. Lying back in the hammock of late summer openfaced and let it kick. Thirty minutes and the hammock is dear as an old lover. I praise and chew. Its the restless that doesnt move, all thought. The body becomes the hammock becomes the basket for juicy fruit to fall into. I know how these fruits know time better than we do. Time is all they got. Juicy fruit, ripe and ready to give in.
True Cup 04:09
Time spend on this beach To have you within reach Something bigger than us How you fell to your knees All so different when your awake More than some of your dreams can take Once you step out of delta sleep True cup funghi your coffee break Papis diner the lights are lit We say nothing but share the hit Ways to look at an empty glass You say this is the perfect fit You have opened your face for show I saw more than I wished to know Yet you will remain Easyteen What youre thinking I ll never hold TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY Nothing more in our brew My pack plays like this Nothing much in a kiss Tho it happens we fall I wont stay for the frizz I saw you from afar Beach Goon baby so hard Harvest good this year Open up for the thing we share Lie down and let it do the job Or keep seated and fix your stare You know I am in war with you Packs be watching our rendezvous Muscle sync with their dance of time No thing promised held ever truth Fall back true cup its underground I prepare as youre sleeping sound Slowly you turn your minute on Papis land dirty beach surround Bring me savory snacks and beer Park your car in the other sphere I ll be ready when you turn up True cup drippin your day ends here TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY TRY TO HOLD YOUR BRAIN ONE DAY Bring me savory snacks Take me back to the tracks Where you saw me first Beach Goon take me back
Leda 05:08
Hi my name is Stine Saw you last season you walked miles Something fun is what you get if you come and say hi Fine your ass so fine Show me a way to get inside Shy why u so shy Id make u mine if I had time WHY U SO SHY WHY U SO SHY You had the same dream again And we re back! In that elevator Which might have been the first time you tried speak to her And so also when you got it confirmed This one will not answer Nor look back A jawline you would rub your whole sex history against Could you And eyes out of this world But bambi Hello Since last time What can she possibly have studied And what does she laugh about when it looks almost real You see me its june I am packing burritos The river, a bottle, a feeling, some winos You tell me to listen, I do so, I shut up A walk round the block once we re stuck never fails us A day that was better than any in that month Martini, negroni, pastis, dark and stormy This dude in the line keeps insisting he knows me Remember last night you were riding the pony There used to be more of them, now I dont see much The whole night of talking been long since I had such I wonder if they would allow me to this crush I risk it and check your reaction to my touch It works tho, I got this, youre breathing so heavy The dust on your shelf coming down like its snowing You let me, I love you for being so easy You're smiling, tho I cant see nothing I know it WHY U SO SHY WHY U SO SHY I touch you again now to see if you're in this I pour you more drinks to have you give the promise If I asked you last night you wouldn't have answered You give me the same look you gave when you got here I cook up a feast and invite you for dinner You enter the bedroom, I say you look thinner We lay down the bars that I ordered you come with Theres something right next to the spot where the cat sit Her name when it showed on the screen made you nauseous The way that you spelled it and thought no one saw it And no one was I but you saved it and fed me The heat was a friend for once you had me get it The euros she passed me, the change in the hallway The notes from your book that I found on the last day We walked for a night when we got there you saw it The stuff they had left and the rest of the big stick WHY U SO SHY WHY U SO SHY
Kilometer 05:03
This town so flat, you appearing Pilot eyes, be catching yours Your moves so tiny in a distance But this is you walking towards Im trusting this is what I see Your moving pattern, youre so free Counting steps how many more can there be This is you walking towards me ALL I KNOW ALL I NEED ALL IN THIS KILOMETER This town so wide, you be riding I ll be here for you to crash Into my place into my face Room so dark but we got flash Im trusting this is right to see Your ways of moving into hours Watching your eyes as I count to 3 This is you coming over me ALL I KNOW ALL I NEED ALL IN THIS KILOMETER This room so dark, but youre right there At my mattress on my floor Eyes dont meet no more, but we share What we saw, we need no more Im trusting this is you and me My ways of catching up with your speed The distance you passed for here to be What I hold for you whatever you see ALL I KNOW ALL I NEED ALL IN THIS KILOMETER
Lover why dont you come When called I need you to suck this thumb Its sunday Come here and save the day Your love for me will have you sleep safe For ages Pretzels and ice you held me last night One hundred points in sight Tequila She ll take you out for rides That you wont mind and her hips dont lie Shakira All shady creatures keeps away In this falls the rain that clears our traces You came and showed me time In packs of mice that will never die I ll face this Do you like to dance/ do you like romance/ do you like my hands/ down your pants Up close shes huge Her fur so shiny they ask what oil Do you use Goes around then returns to you The world knows this one is free To be cruising All of the years she hid Will ache unless you can put your name To this date She was the mouse that you first kissed now she is the song that they Will whistle 200 kilos in speed I run these kilos you once saw bleed So much blood She holds and you will keep it in A heart that will fit in your belly When dancing 3 kinds of fruit/ a bag of nuts/ a glass of wine/ a line in french Do you like to dance/ do you like romance/ do you like my hands/ down your pants Portions in line today is all fine You two have walked through much darker nights and The stains on your shirt from that very first fight You like to flirt with stains on your tights Uphill and down but time was ours Now you are no longer mine I write you Too many weeks gone by Since I was dancing and you got high To watch me Was it this yes she said Summer wine that you lay around That day out of time when it Came to us how its over but still is fine Some of these lines must die 3 kinds of fruit/ a bag of nuts/ a glass of wine/ a line in french Do you like to dance/ do you like romance/ do you like my hands/ down your pants
Cheekbones 05:03
Patron on ice and you inside my pool It gives me the same old sex eye as it discovers me Yo Pac, I say, rumor has it youre dead or some say island hopping Shorty, Pac says, Ive just been staying in, so much shit went down I had to cave for a while, you know, figuring things out Damn Pac, I say, last time I saw you I was still wearing my neoprenes I cant believe youre back I know, kid you were just a baby, now look at you all grown up so fine Oh pac stop it, while you dont look a day older, got spa? Damn right I got spa baby, I got this whole new thing going Patron on ice and you inside my pool How about we go fix us a drink Pac says. about time I say, Bad-Flights? You still hanging around up there? Its time for us to see some changes Whatever man, I follow you Well why not Bad-Flights baby, one for the old times, Im your ride So I jump on and it races uptown, sparkles all over the place And the horn leading the way as a compass always pointing north Watermark, Dripping fresh Coming out, Lazy eyes Unicorn, Washboard, Thug life Opening, Kissing op Sparkling, Outlaw Cheekbones, Trimmed brows, Bling



released June 5, 2016

Written and Performed by EASTER (Stine Omar / Max Boss)
Produced by Max Boss


all rights reserved



EASTER Berlin, Germany

Easter is the Berlin-based duo of full time emo Stix Omar and producer Maximilian Boss

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