12" Vinyl EASTER / Children for Atmopshere


The first Release of the new Smareazy label, a Smaragd Bar spin off.
Smareazy 001 features current Smaragd personnel Stine Omar, Max Boss (easterjesus.com) (of Easter, Cyan Kid) and Andy Grier (of Thieves Like US with his new outfit Children For Atmosphere):

A. Easter · Champagne 121212
Written and performed by Stine omar and Max Boss, taken from the Album
“The Softest Hard” (RTN045), Raminton 2012

B. Don‘t Dub Your Hands Away · Children For Atmosphere
Written and performed by Andy No Andy and Salsa Stick, Mixed with Milo, Previously unreleased

SMRZ 001, 12” Vinyl, 45 RPM
Cover Photography: Kristin Loschert
Design: Till Sperrle
Mastering: Helmut Erler, Dubplates & Mastering

Possibly it is the smallest and sparsest bar in Berlin. Formerly a narrow passage way, it keeps the drinking crowd in its shady space. Smaragd, a name and a sign inherited from previous owners, comes with an original tune, something one could call an anti-religious Gong, the sound a popping cork makes when hitting a single hi-hat fixed below the ceiling. This gesture belongs to the unscripted ceremony. Musicians sell the drinks. Artists and writers select the records. Momus once sang standing on the window sill. When working behind the bar, Stine Omar and Max Boss, the two members of EASTER and Andy Grier of Children for Atmosphere bust the caps once in a while. So the bartenders build the line up of the first release on SMAREAZY. At the same time everybody is friends, acquaintances, neighbours and customers. Maybe this record is sound and image of a face to face social network? A micro economy of its own kind? A small world where talking, listening and drinking go hand in hand. So the record carries the equanimous 'hymn' of Smaragd, a mindful celebration: "Champagne 121212" by EASTER. A song performed in their unique tone and articulation. It's spoken, though it's a song, it's about a cheerful drink, though it's melancholic music, it's an old habit, though young people perform it, it's representing the rich, though it is the privileged poor who pour it down. In a way Smaragd invented its own logic of music compilation, which derives from coincidences. What does the music sound like exactly? A side and B side epitomized the musical aesthetic of Berlin post-Techno and generic Start-up hustle. There remains more to say about these beautiful and vague atmospheres. The record SMAREAZY 001 is the beginning of a new label. More releases will follow. (Vera Tollmann)

Stine Omar, Max Boss, Andy Grier
SMAREAZY 001 12"EASTER, Champagne 121212 / Children for Atmopshere, Don't Dub Your Hands Away.
Smareazy, 2013, SMRZ 001

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EASTER Berlin, Germany

Easter is the Berlin-based duo of writer Stine Omar and producer Maximilian Boss

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